Crystal Healings

Crystals have a consciousness & their structure is aligned to support the human energy structure.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing

This Crystal Healing Modality uses the magick of the Ancient Mu to bring about deep renewal. This is a profound healing that sends you deep into Theta brining deep rest and rejuvenation. If you have never been for any healings before this is a great introduction but at the same time powerful enough to support you with whatever healing you may be in need of.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing by Marda Hull
Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing with Marda Hull

How do you know that the Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing ​is for you?

  • You have a busy mind
  • You are lacking confidence or struggle to step into your personal power
  • You struggle to tell left from right
  • You have physical ailments
  • You need emotional support
  • You loose track of time
  • You need support with Libido
  • You are stressed, exhausted or in need of deep rest

What happens during the Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing?

You will be lying down on a yoga mat, the practitioner will guide you to breathe and relax your body. There after the practitioner will place crystals on your body to activate the healing process. Clients have explained their experience as deeply relaxing, a state of deep rest and sometimes have fallen asleep for a period during the session. It is recommended to wear something comfortable like yoga or track pants & warm socks in winter, to allow you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Weather depending, you will be covered with a blanket to keep you snug and warm during the session. The session takes anything from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the energy. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after the sessi

Sacred Geometry Ancient Crystal Rites

This healing empowers you to heal old and new wounds while stepping into a pure mind to increase energy flow into the body, bringing in more good fortunes and a general state of wellbeing.

Sacred Geometry Ancient Crystal Rites with Marda Hull
Sacred Geometry Crystal Rites with Marda Hull

How do you know if the Sacred Geometry Crystal Rites Healing is for you?

  • You have old emotional or mental wounds from your childhood or years ago that keep coming up in your consciousness and you are struggling to move on from these 
  • You recently experienced emotional loss, emotional or mental trauma, or even physical trauma
  • You need more flow and good fortune in your life 

What happens during the Sacred Geometry Crystal Rites Healing session?

You will be seated and the practitioner will guide you to breathe and relax your body.  The practitioner will place a Crystal in your hand and will use a sacred mantra to support the issue you are dealing with i.e old wounds, new wounds, the need for more flow in your life, or depending on your needs a combination of more than one or all of these aspects.  

The session can be anything from half an hour to an hour and a bit depending on your needs.  If you have never been for any healings before this is a great introduction but at the same time powerful enough to support you with whatever healing you may be in need of.    

It is also a great combination to support your energy in conjunction with the Sacred Geometry II crystal healing or in conjunction with a Cord Cutting or Shamanic Aura Clearing 

Sacred Geometry Crystal Rites with Marda Hull

Sacred Geometry Egyptian Aura Healing

This healing supports to heal all 7 layers of the aura which often gets damaged and out of alignment because of trauma, emotional loss or physical injury.

Trauma is not always a big event. It’s often subtle and a series of smaller events which causes a traumatic response in the body, soul and mind. In a post Covid World where everything changed and our lives were turned upside down, most of the population are dealing with some sort of post traumatic stress. But it’s subtle and often silent to the extent that we are not even aware of it.

When we have been through a shock of any kind (physical, emotional, mental, psychological), our system gets out of alignment and we need some fine tuning so we can feel whole again. This is an amazing healing to support you to return to wholeness.

Sacred Geometry Egyptian Aura Healing with Marda Hull

How do you know the Sacred Geometry Egyptian Aura Healing ​is for you?

If you are feeling out of alignment or if you have been through some traumas this healing, helps to get everything back into alignment: your thoughts, passion, dreams, plans and actions. 

Sacred Geometry Egyptian Aura Healing with Marda Hull

What happens during the the Sacred Geometry Egyptian Aura Healing session?

During this session the practitioner works with sacred geometry and connects with the energy of the ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddess to bring in healing.   There are seven levels in the astral part of existence and this session will perform a deep and profound healing on the Spirit Level, Thinker Level, Soul Level, Astral Level, Planning Level, Dreamer Level & the Action Level. Other benefits include liberation of old cell patterns, freedom of expression & creativity and a deepening of Spiritual Understanding.

These seven levels all help with the 4 Worlds of Manifestation and healing areas in your life where manifestation is lacking. 

Sacred Geometry Fire Soul Infusion

The Fire Soul Infusion awakens the Soul of Fire that resides within each human, which is the energy of Spirit within the body! This is the first step to truly awakening the Kundalini.

Sacred Geometry Fire Soul Infusion
“Within every man and woman is a force that directs and controls the entire course of life. Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment we may have.” – Israel Regardie

What happens during this session?

Sacred Geometry symbols are engraved into your aura activating the following levels:

  • Inter-Dimensional Connection
  • Spirit Contact
  • Mind–Soul Integration
  • Soul Enrichment
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Awakened Mind
  • Balance in the Body

The Fire Soul Infusion and Activation open the inner gates of your soul, awakening the memory of your divine nature. As these gates open, awareness and perception increase.

The energy of spirit is infused into your physical body and recalibrates your entire magnetic structure.

How do you know this session is for you?

  • You feel energetically depleted 
  • You struggle with inflammation in the body 
  • You are angry all the time 
  • You procrastinate 
  • You lack focus 
  • You are depressed 
  • You fly on a regular basis 
  • You lost your creativity 
  • You struggle to “take action”
  • You struggle with mind fog 

Some of the benefits of a Sacred Geometry Fire Soul Infusion healing include:

  • A feeling of being alive
  • Increase in vitality
  • Reignite passion in your life
  • Increased drive & life force energy
  • Healing from apathy
  • A shift in depression
  • Increase in creativity
  • Clarity of mind
  • Re-building of your magnetic structure that is depleted from flying, EMFs from cellphones and other electronic devices
  • Supports physical healing in the body & combines well with Ensofic Reiki sessions

Life Activation

Package options with Ensofic Reiki available on request

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Have you ever felt like there are pieces of yourself missing?  The Hermetic Soul Retrieval will help you to reconnect with those pieces of your Soul in order to feel whole again.

Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning, and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness.

A Soul Retrieval can help if you can feel or sense that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within.


Hermetic Soul Retrieval with Marda Hull
Hermetic Soul Retrieval by Marda Hull

How do you know if a Hermetic Soul Retrieval​ is for you?

  • You underwent surgery 
  • You had a near death experience 
  • You experienced physical trauma like an accident or fall
  • You had chemotherapy 
  • You experienced emotional trauma like a breakup or divorce 
  • You were a frontline worker during Covid
  • You lost a loved one to death 
  • You feel fractured 
  • You keep longing for a past time or previous relationship yet cannot understand why this keeps coming up – it may be that a piece of your soul is fractured and linked to this time or relationship 

Benefits of a Hermetic Soul Retrieval session include:

  • A sense of ease, flow, purity, and simplicity.
  • More presence in your mind, body & emotions.
  • A feeling of being more grounded in your everyday life.
  • A sense of inner wholeness.
Hermetic Soul Retrieval by Marda Hull can create a sense of inner wholeness

What happens during a Hermetic Soul Retrieval?

You will be lying down on a yoga mat or massage bed.  You will be in a relaxed and meditative state.  The duration of the session is more or less an hour but could be longer.   The session may need to be repeated but can only be done once every six months.  It is best to have this done around the full moon. 


What our clients say:

After receiving a Hermeric Soul Retrieval "I’m feeling good thanks. Did notice a change in my posture from slightly hunched -protecting my heart, to more upright, so that is definitely good! Overall feeling much better! "
NP - Cape Town
“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.”


Sai Baba

Spark of Life Distant Healing

This session connects you to the original Divine Spark. This unique and profound modality was first created over 3000 years ago by the High Priests and Priestesses in ancient Temples as a means to support those healers who had to travel into the community to work.

This healing practice differs significantly from other known methods as it uses magickal keys to go beyond the Etheric matrix and chakra system of the client’s external body directly to the inner spark – to the first ray of creation. This allows the pure energy of God to flow to the client in a remote location.
The energy is sent to any client in any part of the world. It is one of the most sacred healing modalities available.

Spark of Life Distant Healing
Spark of Life Distant Healing with Marda Hull

How do you know the Spark of Life Distant Healing is for you?

  • You are fatigued and need a boost in physical energy
  • Post-surgery to support your recovery
  • You are depressed or anxious
  • You feel apathetic
  • You have Covid or long Covid
  • You are dealing with emotional loss
  • You are stressed
  • You are dealing with flue, pneumonia, or any other form of infection
  • Physical disease
  • Physical pain
  • Feeling stuck in your circumstances
  • Feeling down and out of life
  • Out of touch with emotions
  • Feeling mentally stuck
  • Feeling overwhelmed emotionally – unable to deal with basic everyday things
  • Inertia
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Brain fog

What happens during the Spark of Life Distant Healing session?

The healing will be done at a pre-arranged time. During the healing you will need to lie down, and you can tuck yourself into bed to receive this. It is a great idea to rest for an hour after the healing. It is recommended to receive this healing in the evening so that you have an opportunity to rest afterwards.

The duration of the healing is an hour. Two sessions may be required. It also combines well with Distant Ensofic Reiki.

What are the benefits of the Spark of Life Distant Healing

  • Healing the physical body – symptoms of feeling energetically depleted
  • Will help you to see possibilities /opportunities
  • Brings mental and emotional relief 
  • Stress relief 
  • If you need a general “lift” in life before important meetings, competitions etc.
  • Healing post surgery
Spark of life Distant with Marda Hull in Cape Town

What our clients say:

After Spark of Life Distant Healing “Marda, thank you sooo much for the Spark of Life Healing. I was so tired and depleted after many commitments. The Healing you did for me energized me and I feel motivated again to take on life. “
Marie - Bloemfontein
After Spark of Life Distant Healing “Marda is a sincere and wonderful healer. I had a spark of life healing ( distant healing)recently and I could feel the power of her energy and was left feeling really relaxed. “
Brenda - Johannesburg
After receiving a Spark of Life Distant Healing with the objective to have more clarity regarding an important decision: "I feel different, don't know how to explain it - I feel better. I could make an important decision without any emotional attachment influencing my decision, that is great for me"
MG - Johannesburg
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