When asked the question “Who am I?” you may at first reply in reference to the roles that you play in the world, i.e I am a doctor, a mother, a father, a brother an artist, etc. 
But is this who you really are?

Empower thyself initiation and class

A question for consideration to which the answer may not be as simple as the roles we take on in life. It’s a question that has led many to explore further what life is about, where we come from, and the reason for us being on this planet at this particular point in time.

If you are curious about these questions, if you are searching for the meaning to your life, if you are curious about your true purpose, if you are looking for the answer to “who am I?”, then you may have stumbled upon this page for a reason. I invite you to read further and if any of the below resonates with you, please send me a message and we can arrange a chat over a cup of tea to explore this further.

Empower Thyself Class and Initiation

Give yourself the gift of a new way of thinking and a transformed life of meaning and JOY!

Empower Thyself is your first step out of the mundane giving you access to the magickal world of the ancient mysteries. The world where, should you wish, you will gain a greater understanding of who you really are, of the potential that lies in your hands and the tools to realize this potential.

If you are over the rat race, the nine to five rush, if you are looking for clarity, deeper understanding of life, direction and support to make changes then this weekend is for you.
The Empower Thyself Initiation is an ancient privilege that is now accessible to all of humanity. The tools and teachings you will receive have been time tested and have been used by many before you to live a life of miracles and to make the impossible possible.

Empower Thyself retreat with Marda Hull

This 2 day class begins a process within your energy structure to help and support you in your personal, and business life. We explore metaphysical concepts to help shift the mind from the old, limiting belief systems that keep you from reaching new heights. ⠀This is the first step to a path within an ancient spiritual school known as the Mystery Schools. 

Thousands of great humans who have changed the world once studied within one, amongst them Leonardo DaVinci, William Shakespeare, Rudolph Steiner, Aristotle, Plato, Carl Jung, to mention a few. It is where they learned the tools of how to take control of their lives and create change, where the focus is to Know Thyself. 

This program, known as Empower Thyself, is a 2 day class where we delve into concepts, teachings, and practical tools that will bring the student to a new realization as to who and what they truly are, bringing about a deeper sense of understanding and an alignment with your purpose in life.

Empower Thyself facilitated by Marda Hull

How do you know Empower Thyself is for you?

  • You know without a doubt that you have a great purpose to fulfill in your lifetime
  • You are inspired to make a difference in this world
  • You are committed to your spiritual growth and self-development in a real, tangible way
  • You are willing to do what it takes to live a fulfilled, joyful and bountiful life
  • You are someone who believes that there is more to life than just the physical experience
  • You are aware of a greater consciousness beyond this realm of reality
Sometimes there are no words to describe it, the inner knowing is enough. It is a feeling in your heart, your soul. It just feels right. Trust your intuition to take a step that could very well transform your whole life!

What happens is the Empower Thyself class?

During this two-day urban retreat, you will receive

  • Teachings about the origins of creation and the Universe
  • Teachings about who and what you are, and what potential lies in your hands
  • Teachings about why humanity exists and our progression in life
  • Information about your higher self and tools to connect and work with your higher self
  • Tools to help clear negative blocks inside you and protection from negativity around you
  • A basic introduction to Kabbalah
  • Advanced meditation techniques
  • Initiation into the great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light

Pre-requisite: Life Activation

Benefits of the Empower Thyself Class:

  • The empowerment of 10 times more Light energy to direct toward your goals, dreams, and desires in life
  • Receive ancient tools and sacred rituals that initiates have used for thousands of years to awaken their divinity and align themselves with their true purpose
  • Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance
  • Gain a greater understanding of your energy structure and how to maintain it
  • Capability to grow your chi and protect your own personal energy field
  • Permission to work with Angels and Light beings in a deeper way
  • Gain a greater understanding of the Angels and their function on the planet
  • Permanently align your personal willpower to flow in alignment with the will of God, Nature, and the Universe
  • Create a foundation of positive Light energy for you to more easily handle the challenges and obstacles that come up in life
  • Four new Spirit Guides to counsel you and empower your path of spiritual evolution
  • Increased protection for you and your immediate family
  • Physical and spiritual abundance from your service to the Light
  • Expansion of consciousness and a heightened sense of clarity about your purpose in life
  • Empowerment to overcome obstacles within you and outside you
Empower Thyself by Marda Hull

What our clients say:

After Empower Thyself “I have worked with Marda on my Life Activation & Empower Thyself and found it to be really profound experience, it supported me into my own unique expression. Such a deep level of clarity, deep peace of mind and body. New understandings and insights continue to unfold every day.”
Yolandi - Cape Town
“My life has shifted in incredible ways since I completed Empower Thyself with Marda Hull . My energy has increased. I feel more grounded, at peace and more alive. I feel as if a weight was lifted from my life. I have no more problems with anger and put forth only positive thought and speech. My fear and anxiety have gone and with that, the stress I felt. I am much happier in life and everything is making more sense to me. I feel a path has opened before me.”
Leon - Cape Town
“ Empower Thyself was an experience that opened something inside of me I never knew was there. Something positive in every way. After my Life Activation I knew I had to go that step further, mostly out if curiosity but also because something inside of me was hungry for guidance towards this new found spark that just wanted to become more. I have been changed in such positive ways; my mind being much clearer, my self-esteem much stronger, I have also become softer in the sense of how I treat and see people around me.”
Lizelle - Cape Town
“I did the Empower Thyself course with Marda a few years ago and since then I have never looked back. It was an amazing experience. It has changed my life in so many ways, financially, spiritually, and mentally. IT IS LIFE CHANGING, and I still use the methods learnt on a daily basis. I would recommend this any time.”
Melanie - Cape Town
“Thank u for an experience of a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, love and light”
KS - Cape Town
“Thank you once again for a very special weekend. You are an excellent teacher. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this weekend and to share it with beautiful people. I feel blessed. “
WH - Cape Town
After auditing Empower Thyself “Thank you so much for this weekend. It was so amazing to audit!! I learnt so much and definitely gained some new insights and things making a lot more sense than before. It was such a beautiful, nurturing, healing energy to be in this weekend. Just what my soul needed. And also some important reminders for me (especially to own my I AM Goddess energy) Thank you for hosting such a beautiful space & for holding space for each one of us & for your light, strength & nurturing energy & soul beauty. “
LJ - Cape Town
Two months after completing Empower Thyself “Before doing the empower thyself class with Marda I lacked energy direction and I knew I just overall needed more in my life. Lovely Marda came all the way to meet me I was told about the course and what it’s all about marda herself explained everything so beautifully. I took a few days to think it over I then decided this is it I'm doing it, it just felt right. After doing the course I look at life from a whole new angle. I suffer badly from anxiety; my anxiety attacks have improved by a ton my overall energy levels and lust for life has grown so much. I was taught so many things and given amazing tools that help me navigate through the toughest of times with ease. I am forever grateful for deciding to embark on this journey. Things has not been easy, I'm still faced with many challenges but after stepping into the empower thyself class I now deal with each challenge effortlessly “
MN - Cape Town
“The word Initiation comes from 2 Latin words, in, into; and ire, to go; therefore, the making of a beginning, or the entrance into something. It posits an entrance into the spiritual life, or into a fresh stage in that life. It is the first step, and the succeeding steps, upon the Path of Holiness. Literally, therefore, a man who has taken the first initiation is one who has taken the first step into the spiritual kingdom, having passed out of the definitely human kingdom into the superhuman.”

Alice Bailey - Initiation, Human and Solar

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