Letting Go … Meditation is the key

Letting Go … Meditation is the key

If you are like me, the typical type A personality you may be one to want to micromanage everything to the last detail, to have control over everything & if you don’t have control, you start spinning out … does this sound familiar?

The interesting thing I find, that when I do that, nothing flows.   And then often when I remind myself to “let go & let God”, I get back to balance and life starts flowing again.

When I try to control everything, my energy holds on too tight, I try to do things on my own, often with struggle and little success, but once I let go, I create the space for God, the Angels & the Hierarchy of Light to support me to make things happen.  

As I am writing this, the words “it is all about trust” comes to mind…to be able to let go, one must have trust!  It starts with trust! 

When I wonder about a concept, I often go look at the root of the word to try and get a better understanding.  In Greek mythology, the root of the word trust is Pistis (/ˈpɪstɪs/; Ancient Greek: Πίστις) the personification of good faith, trust, and reliability. In Christianity and in the New Testament, pistis is typically translated as “faith”. 

Hmm so here is a clue – letting go, goes hand in hand with trust and faith.

Which leads to the next question – faith and trust in whom?  Some may say in self, or the Universe, or God.   But who is the self – who am I & who and what is God?  In traditional religion, the concept of God has a certain meaning and connotation, in the Mystery School tradition we explore this further along with asking the questions “Who am I?” and “Who and what am I in relation to God.” 

We start touching on these concepts in the Empower Thyself Class and go into much further depth in the study of Kabbalah.  With an understanding of these concepts, we may become more aware of the potential and power we hold and how to start working with this potential to make life flow.   In the Empower Thyself Class,  tools are handed down to support us in creating that which we would like to see in our lives and the authority to work with the Angels, to ask for their support.   From that point letting go is then from a place of Knowing Thyself and knowing thyself in relation to the God, the Angels, and the powers of the Universe.

How do you let go?  And when is it appropriate to let go?  I am sure these are all questions that may come up for you if you are struggling with letting go.

Let’s look at the second question first.  When is it appropriate to let go?  That is a matter of discernment, and we gain discernment with experience.  In the Kabbalah one of the virtues we gain from the sephorth Malkuth (The Kingdom) is discernment. Malkuth is all about our physical life and how we navigate our physical experiences and what we manifest in the physical.   It is only through living life, trying things out, and from making mistakes, that we gain experience and discernment.  And so, it is as well, with knowing when to let go – we learn this by trying things out – next time you are feeling stuck, have a look at where you are at.  Are you perhaps holding on too tight, if so, let go and see what happens.  And keep assessing what is happening in your life, to determine and discern when to hold on and when to let God.

That brings me to my first question – how do you let go?

There is no finite answer to this, but I can share with you some tools & tips that work for me:

•           Meditation 

The busier the mind the more we tend to obsess and fixate on the small things and the more reluctant we are to let go.   Meditation is a very powerful tool to help quiet the mind; to create space in the mind to let go.   The Max Meditation System TM is specifically aimed to help quiet the mind.   Even just one hour a week (which you can enjoy as a guided meditation in my practice) can support with this.   With meditation you can also create the space in your mind and consciousness, to start hearing your Higher Self and your guides (a concept we explore in much detail in The Empower Thyself and Sanctuary Meditation Classes ).   Meditation is always the first thing I try when I need to let go, it is much easier to get clarity, discern, be objective, and get back to a place of balance when the mind is quiet.

•           Emotional cord-cutting and energy clearing 

At times you may need some additional assistance beyond meditation to support you to let go.  Negative emotional experiences create negative cords attached to the aura and often cause us to stay stuck in the past and to relive these negative past experiences.  An emotional cord-cutting performed by a trained ritual master severs these cords and resets the energy so that you can let go and create and live from a new neutral space.

•           Life Activation 

The Life Activation is such a powerful session that has many benefits, amongst others to support with clarity of mind, and overcoming anxiety – all areas which, if not addressed may increase the need to micromanage and control every aspect of life.  The Life Activation also balances all the areas of the aura which brings life back to balance and flow.

•           Chi Do  

Chi-Do is a simple yet effective form of working with Chi.  This method is handed down in the Empower Thyself Class.  It is a form of moving meditation using breath and chi to bring in new energy and remove “stuckness” form the aura.   It is super effective to remove negativity, stuck emotions, and even potential disease from our energy fields.

•           Spending time in nature 

The four elements, i.e., earth, water, air, and fire are all part of our human bodies.  Life happens and these go out of balance.  Spending time in nature, with these elements – trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, the wind, and the sun all support our energy to get the elements back into balance.  As little as 10 or 20 minutes a day can bring balance back which then makes letting go much easier.

•           Journaling 

Journaling our thoughts, patterns, and that which we receive in meditation is a good way to keep track of our behaviours and what patterns we fall into, which then makes it easier to determine when we are getting stuck and when it is appropriate to let go and when the need is there to get support with letting go.

I leave you with this quote from the poet Rumi: “ Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”  It is up to you to discern when to hold on and when to let go and to find that delicate balance.

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